Friday, February 19, 2010

Oatmeal makes me sleeeeepy..

What is it about warm food that makes you want to hibernate for fifteen years? I had a lot of productive things to do today. Such as: complete the clinic papers I haven't gotten done that were supposed to be done after each clinic. First one was almost three weeks ago? LOL... Jeez, when something doesn't have an immediate due date, that's like a free pass to "I don't care, I'll do it later." .. That's normal though, right? haha. So, needless to say, I'm sitting here blogging instead of doing clinical paperwork. And my head is bobbing and my eyes are closing a bit so I think I might just have to let this couch take over for nap time!

My couches have magical powers. Not only are they the most comfortable things in the world, they are molded to my butt I think. Also, the arms of the chairs are magnificently padded and just at the right height that I can be sitting straight up, lean over and my head will be resting comfortably on them. My favorite is the short love seat. Being 5'2" and a tiny girl, I can fit virtually anywhere anyways, but there's something narcoleptic about being crammed up tight on a love seat. Then! -- give me my white goose down pillows?! Drool city................ Last thing: my blanket. I have this blanket that's like sheep's wool on one side and suede leather on the other, and the perfect heaviness to it. It's the most amazing thing I've ever owned. Once I'm under it, it's over for me. Needless to say, I think I'll stick close to my buddy, Diet Mt Dew, and keep my head in an upright and locked position. :D

I'll be going to see Shutter Island tonight. I'm rather excited about it. I flew to Minnesota last November for a hunt and, because of the "long" flight, decided to pick up a book at the airport. I saw a small paperback with an ominous looking prison on the front with big RED letters "SHUTTER ISLAND"... At least I think they were red. Anyways, I read the summary. "Mental hospital, crazy prisoner escapes, rangers investigate, danger, conspiracy..." Sounds good!! I've only finished like three or four grown-up books in my whole lifetime and this was one of them. LOVED IT! Even though I know the plot, the twists & turns, and the ending, I am SO excited to see it. To see those characters come to life! I had just finished the book a couple days prior when I saw the first preview. You can imagine my excitement in December! lol .. So maybe I'll blog about it after I watch tonight..

Okay, well I'm going to find some archived Ghost Hunters on Netflix online and do some much-needed, far-overdue homework. ;)

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