Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

How many blogs do you read in your lifetime that start out, "Okay, so it's been a while since my last post.." So here's one more.. YES, it's been a while since I've written. But since April, my life has sped up and is just now slowing down.

April led to finals for me. I managed to make it past my final exams in my last semester of Physical Therapy Assistant school. Our last day of school was a Wednesday, the following Monday I began my 12 weeks in summer clinicals..

My first clinical was at SouthCrest Hospital in South Tulsa. It's an acute setting, a team of three to five therapists (depending on the day), and consistent hours and no holidays off. Wee! But I loved every minute of it. My CI was very enjoyable and she helped me to learn a lot. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the hospital and seemed to get along with everyone there. My six weeks went by fast. Before I knew it, I had made it through six weeks of working for free and it was time to move on to Phase Two!

My second clinical (aka Phase Two) started mid-June at an outpatient clinical setting in Sand Springs. I work with three therapists and there is another student here as well. However, she is a PT student from OU. Meaning she has to go to school for a total of 8 years for her degree. Um yeah, I don't think so. Anyhow, I am really enjoying it. My CI is amazing and I'm really getting some good practice in this outpatient setting. I'm thinking she'll pass me too. I have a week left from today.


A lot has gone on since I last blogged. Over the span of my first and part of my second clinical, I put in a lot of applications/resumes and got a few interviews. I started interviewing with St John's Medical Center (acute) in June. I guess they filled the first position and called me for a second interview for another position. During my second interview, things just didn't feel right. I didn't feel comfortable, or at home, or feel like they even wanted me there. I pretty much decided then that I wasn't going to work with them.

A week earlier, I applied for a PTA position at a pediatric clinic in South Tulsa. I don't really have any past pediatric experience, other than during a couple clinicals and the fact that one of my instructors during school really loved peds and portrayed a lot of it in our studies. They called me for an interview and I scheduled it for the same day as my interview at St Johns. When I went to interview with them, it felt right. The atmosphere was welcoming (I'll feel at home anywhere that is swarmed in Disney movies, lol), there were kids everywhere, parents were happy to have their kids there.. The interview went well and they wanted to have me back for an observation. I came in the following week and spent about 5 hours with many different therapists doing different therapies. "This place is awesome," I thought. Long story short: I came in to sign a contract the following week. I will be doing physical therapy with kids in their schools. Traveling to area schools that we have contracts with. The terms that they offered me are better than I thought I could ever get. God is REALLY blessing me.

OK, so next hurdle: WHERE AM I GOING TO LIVE? --

I have felt comfortable in Owasso for quite some time. Per monthly rates and comfort, I had decided long ago that I was going to get an apartment at The Greens in Owasso. However, when I went to put my deposit down on them yesterday, something didn't feel right. I also had one of my biggest support systems telling me NOT YET. Needless to say, I was too nervous about this feeling I was getting and told the manager I was going to need a few more days. I went home and started to budget what my expenses were going to be, and which apartment I could afford to be in. I ended up looking up another apartment complex on the other side of the highway. Turned out it was pretty much the same price per month, offered more (and nicer) ammenities, and less limitations on contract and allowances. I can get a 3rd floor 2br/2ba apartment, vaulted ceilings, balcony, huge kitchen, etc.. So I'm reserving that apartment this week. I'm pretty excited. I'll move in in September.

Church is great. We have been doing "At The Movies" in the theme of Toy Story. Each week, our campus pastor chooses a movie theme to base the message over. It's been anywhere from Nacho Libre, to The Blind Side, to Up. With Host Team, we take $1 for three of candy bars, soda, and popcorn. It has been going great, and everyone seems to enjoy it (except for the coffee/tea drinkers). My role as Host Team Coach (leading the entire Host Team) has been a little overwhelming at this stage in my life so I withdrew my responsibilities and am now just a member of the Host Team, every other weekend, and giving more when I can. That way I will have more time for Cora on Sundays, and more time for studying for my board exam.

Now that the update is over, the real cool meaningful stuff can start next blog. My life is slowing down enough (and patient loads are not what they were), so I'll be able to blog more often. Supposedly. And maybe with a bit of humor. *smile*