Monday, February 15, 2010

Green is my favorite color

Just realized that my homepage is just about over-run with green. I like it though; makes me feel happy :-)

Today had its pros and cons. First pro: It's over! Yay! Well, maybe not so much over, but at least the educational part of it is.. Okay, so maybe that's not true either. I still have a checkoff to study for tomorrow. But when that's over! --- Wait.. no... I still have a rehab exam the following Monday. But when that's over, I can... No.. No.. Then I have a few projects to start for other classes. Then after that comes the 2-week clinical rotation 3! I have to admit, I am really not looking forward to this one. Confidence? Maybe. But I just think that I'm ready to get the heck outta' dodge and move on.

Con.. One of my closest friends was fired from his job. I am not involved so I cannot say whether or not it was a "fair" firing. However, I know that he has given a lot of his life to this company. And the way they handled it, by a simple conference phone call, no warning... That's just not right. I told him to stay strong, that this is the way the devil gets you down. Right when you are at your peak of good feelings, he comes in, sideswipes you and then speeds away laughing. I understand that when you're not affected by a situation like this, it's easy to say, "Get your head in your Bible and out of anger.." I just hope he does.

Trying to figure out what I want out of this weekend. I hope the weather is going to be above 40.. (amazing that I have set my standards so low! lol)

Had a few deer walk through the backyard and water at the pond. It's nice to see them. I'm sure they've been wondering why in the heck the feeder hasn't been running to its full potential. Well, it's expensive to keep up something like that! Haha. I shove about $50/month into that thing to keep it running during rut and late-season to monitor on my game camera and see who's out there. It's good to see their faces again.

I have a checkout tomorrow. It's basically over the rehab process of a certain patient. For example, with a total hip replacement patient, you first guide them through their hip precautions and then proceed, step by step, to get them up, out of bed, and ambulatory. I'm a bit nervous. Especially after the 70 I made on today's exam. I guess I should be thankful! Haha. Blogging late last night wasn't quite studying.

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